The Battleship Wisconsin is one of the largest and last battleships built by the United States Navy. It served in WWII, the Korean War, and the Persian Gulf War. She is currently decommissioned and berthed adjacent to Nauticus in Norfolk, VA.

If touring a ship like the Battleship Wisconsin (or the Battleship Wisconsin itself) sounds interesting then you’re in luck! Tours of the ship are held daily, including the opportunity for self guided tours. You can even spend the night on the Battleship! A great family activity if you’re on vacation looking for something unique and fun to do.

Nauticus’ newest endeavor, the Ship Experience Access Room (SEAR), opened on December 7, 2018. It was created to allow visitors who may be unable to physically board the ship an opportunity to experience it. In the SEAR you get to create your own virtual tour of the ship using video surveillance equipment in a space that mimics a control room. This great new development gives multiple generations the chance to view the Battleship Wisconsin.

Hometown Heroes takes you inside the Battleship Wisconsin with Keith Nitka, who served as a Quartermaster on the ship. Keith explains his journey with Operation Desert Shield in the Persian Gulf, while showing our host Chris inside the ship.

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