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Highlights: St. Thomas More vs. Teurlings Catholic

The St. Thomas More Cougars defeat the Teurlings Catholic Rebels 24-21.


On a beautiful evening in Lafayette, two Catholic school rivals met once again. Defending champion, the St. Thomas More Cougars, took on the Teurlings Catholic Rebels. The first touchdown of the evening went to Teurlings, who scored with 3:49 left in the first quarter. In the second, the Cougars evened the score 7-7 with 9:02 left. The rebels answered with another touchdown run, leaving a halftime score of 14-7.

At the half, Teurlings lead St. Thomas More in passing yards, while St. Thomas More bested the Rebels in rushing yards. After a Cougar safety and a Rebel touchdown, the score was 21-9 at the end of the third quarter. In the fourth quarter, the Cougars reclaimed their lead after two touchdowns and a two point conversion. The St. Thomas More defense was successful in holding the Rebel offense the rest of the quarter. The Cougars defeated the Rebels 24-21. Teurlings Catholic falls to 3-4 following the game, while St. Thomas More advances to 6-1.

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Game Highlights

Two defensive plays turned the game around for the Cougars. A forced fumble picked up by the Cougars’ Cade Broussard resulted in a touchdown by Joel Moreau, who also shined in the game’s fourth quarter. Additionally, an interception return by Ben Thibodeaux scored another run for St. Thomas More. The Cougars’ Luke Howard completed an additional two-point conversion to secure their lead in the fourth quarter.

Player of the Game

Two impressive plays by senior Cougars’ offensive linebacker Ben Thibodeaux changed the course of the game for the team. After a recovered fumble that resulted in a Cougars’ ball and eventual score, Thibodeaux returned an interception. Additionally, Thibodeax successfully stepped in front of the slant route and into the end zone, resulting in another Cougar touchdown,

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