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Inspiration and Ideas for a Safe, Fun Summer Season

For many of us, summer vacation plans may have changed, been postponed or even canceled due to the pandemic, however that doesn’t mean summer fun still can’t be had.

On this episode of “Doing More” we’re giving you some tips and ideas on summer activities, you can have and create (on a budget), while still honoring the government guidelines to keep us all healthy and safe.

Every Child’s Story Matters

I loved talking with Sam Fowler, VP of Development, for Boys and Girls Clubs of the Valley to learn about what they’re doing in the community to celebrate summer in a fun and safe way.

The organization has made it a point to keep their doors open for youth during this time, never turning a child away because of an inability to pay. They believe that every child’s story really does matter – such an inspiring and uplifting organization.

A Mission to Give Back to Local Community

Speaking of wholeheartedly serving the community, we had the opportunity to hear from an Oklahoma-based company who is on a mission to give back, particularly to local organizations that are helping those in need.

Triple Diamond Construction donates one percent of their total sales each month to the local non-profit, Serve More, an organization whose story started the night an EF-5 tornado struck Moore & South Oklahoma City. In an effort to love their hurting neighbors, Serve More organized more than 50,000 volunteers for storm cleanup.

Safety During Isolation

There are many needs that people have as they’re aging that limit their mobility and their ability to leave home. During these times, we want the best medical care for our loved ones, especially during isolation.

Cox Homelife Care was designed to provide 24/7 professional monitored care for seniors, so they can enjoy life independently while allowing their families to feel more secure and confident.

Making Smart Decisions Behind the Wheel

Staying safe is certainly an important and universal message for all.

iChoose To Drive (a Cox Safe Driving Campaign) is a Las Vegas initiative sponsored by Findlay Automotive Group to encourage drivers to make smart decisions while behind the wheel. These student-created original videos seek to educate Las Vegas drivers on the dangers of distracted driving – especially texting and driving.

Thirty-five southern Nevada high schools have participated since 2014. The winning team created and produced a great and powerful video (I loved it!) and won $2,000 from Findlay Automotive Group.

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On behalf of the “Doing More” team, we hope your summer season is filled with fun, smiles and health!

Your friend and host of “Doing More”,

Erica Cardenas (@ericacardenas1)