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Highlighting People Doing Good Things

Who doesn’t need good news right now? From people helping others through medical issues to feeding the hungry. 

Doing More is about people doing good things in their communities and making a positive impact. Hosted by Brandi Paul with social influencers, Rylie Birdwell, Deion Imade, and Chris Sackett.

In Oklahoma City, we turn our focus to a program that is almost 30-years old, but still plays a major role in developing young people into great citizens.

For many, a medical crisis can be more than a health issue, it can be a financial one.  We’ll share with you how one Tulsa group’s act of kindness includes a place to stay, a good cup of coffee, and the compassion one needs during a difficult time.


Sometimes the best ideas are found in your backyard. We will introduce you to some Oklahoma City female entrepreneurs leading by example. They have started up businesses in an area that locals are working to transform into a centralized location for goods and services.

The show Doing More on YurView, showcases people doing great things in our communities.  Catch our latest episode this Sunday, April 17th at 6 pm on Cox Channel  13. Only on YurView!