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How to Turn Your Passion into a Side Hustle

While spending a great deal of time at home, many of us have picked up some new hobbies.  Yes, bread baking was all the rage, but that was so 2020.   For some, activities like Dutch pour painting or epic charcuterie boards are topping the lists of things to do in 2021.

Now consider this, the things that you like to do, might earn you some cash.  It’s called a “Side Hustle”.  You might be good at Dutch pour painting and people may pay you to create a work-of-art for them.  While you probably won’t quit your day job just yet, your new passion is not only a creative outlet, but it could fund that summer family vacation.

Recently, side hustle expert, Veronica Bahn dropped by Creative Living to offer up tips on playing up your passion with host Jane Claus (video above).

We’ve transcribed that interview (lightly edited for clarity).

Jane  00:19 – I’m so thrilled that you’re here because side hustle is, is such a big word these days. So, let’s start things off by just defining what a side hustle is.

Veronica Bahn  00:30 – Well, you know, it means so much to so many different people. Because the old way we used to look at a side hustle is grab a quick gig, Uber Lyft is more modern, but babysitting, baking, household chores, pick up a lawnmower and run around the neighborhood, right and create a little extra cash.

I like to define the side hustle as something that you do that you’re passionate about, you found that you’re excited about what you do on the side, you spend five to 10 hours, maybe 15 a week. But it can either turn into that that safety net for you in life, or it becomes your full-time career profession. When it hits those income numbers that you’re looking for.


Does A Side Hustle Sometimes Turn Into Full-Time Gig?

Jane 01:09 – Have you noticed that more and more people are starting their own side? hustles because of the pandemic?

Veronica Bahn 01:16 –  Yes, actually, I read an article that said 63% of the people who are now working from home due to the pandemic, are not wanting to go back to their current career or job, or they’re looking to change their current career job.

Jane 01:31 – All right. So, with that being said, how do we start our side hustle?

Veronica Bahn 01:36 – I’m of the school of thought that it has to come from your heart. So, if you really want something that’s going to take you into the next 5 to 15 years, and you know, you have a skill set or message, it’s important to sit down and just brainstorm.

It might take you a week to brainstorm it might take you 15 minutes, but go to that person that you were when you were a child, what needs your heart sing, what lit you up? What was the dream you had? And what did you go to school to learn? Or what what background do you have? And then ask some close people around you that, that you know and that who know you have them telling you what they think some of your best skill sets are. And then start creating and talking to people who are business minded and strategize.

Jane 02:25 – So Veronica, tell us this, once we found our side hustle, how do we make it successful?

Veronica Bahn 02:31 – Well, a lot of people hire a coach, and they bring in a mentor, a strategic partner, somebody who can help them plan, right. So you need a plan. And I, I don’t believe in a plan that needs to be so drawn out and focused because the best way, well made plans often go awry.

Man Creating Baked Goods

Be open to what that flow looks like. And you also need to identify that there’s some work you need to do on yourself because being an entrepreneur or starting a side business, that being a solopreneur takes some mental acuity, it takes some strength, you have to really know yourself, and just really get in alignment with what your goals are, and what you want to achieve.

I think for me, the number one thing that is very important, is have a cause when I started my side hustle 12 years ago, I was giving to a charity every month before we were profitable. Now the reason I believe that made a big difference, because you know, you’ve committed to that organization that cause or that charity, and it makes a huge difference. So for me, that’s what’s redefining the side hustle.

Are There Pitfalls to a Side Hustle?

Jane 03:40 – So in your opinion, what’s the biggest mistake people make when starting a side hustle?

Veronica Bahn 03:45 – It is the get rich, quick idea that their idea is going to be so amazing that they’re going to put it out there and they’re going to have they’re going to be able to quit their job in two weeks. There’s never a finish line when you begin a solo career a solo business right a side business.

Dog Walking

What I see happen often is your front rows people haven’t been weeded out and everybody tells you you’re crazy and you begin to look at them so you go into self-sabotage mode or self-doubt your confidence wavers and that’s that’s the first mistake I see people make is they give up on their dream when they’re three feet from gold.

Jane 04:22 – So great. All right, let’s talk about you what type of services do you offer to help people with their side hustle?

Veronica Bahn 04:29 – Well, thanks for asking people can find me at sidehustleexpert.com where I have for your viewers a top ten guide to keep in mind when launching your site and leveling up. I also do one on one coaching. I do group coaching and I offer us 20 minute complimentary discovery call we can brainstorm in 20 minutes and figure out for one if there’s a fit for us to work together or to maybe I just give them one or two value nuggets that sets the I’m on their path and gives them some coaching that I actually wish I would have had when I began in 2008.

Jane 05:07 – wonderful, amazing advice. Thank you so much for joining us, Veronica.

Veronica Bahn 05:14 – Thank you for having me, Jane.

Jane 05:16 – If you want to contact Veronica, just head to her website where you can find tips on how you can start your own side hustle.

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