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Soccer Takes Midfielder Travis Pittman Around the World

Travis Pittman, Photo Credit: San Diego Sockers/Greg Siller

When he was a child, Travis Pittman played in the World Cup. It’s true. His front yard was the arena and the teams were made up of his brothers and the neighborhood kids. It didn’t matter that he was pretending, because it was real enough to inspire him to dream big. It’s been an adventure ever since.

Pittman was raised in Manassas, Virginia, surrounded by Civil War landmarks and battlegrounds. Maybe the fighting spirit of the past rubbed off. The Sockers midfielder is a force to be reckoned with on the field. He’s played on three championship teams, his career taking him all over the country. Career stops included playing for the Baltimore Blast, Wichita B52s, Missouri Comets and the New York Cosmos B team outdoor National Premiere Soccer League. He says the most rewarding part of his career was being an ESPN Rise High School All-American.

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Travis Pittman, Photo Credit: San Diego Sockers/Greg Siller

His advice for young players who want to go pro? “Love the soccer ball and play with it every day!”

He adds that If there’s anything the sport has taught him it’s discipline. “I’ve been fortunate that teams have invested in my skill, advancing me to the next level. It’s taken me all over the world, and I’m lucky to continue to compete and create some lifelong friendships.”

Off the field, Pittman coaches youth soccer teams. For fun he loves exploring new areas of California, but also enjoys staying close to home. San Diego’s beaches and Balboa Park are a couple of his favorite spots. In fact, San Diego means so much to him that he plans on retiring there. For now though, Pittman is far from retirement. He’s focused on the Sockers and is a big fan of the Sockers fans.

“I love their energy and passion!”

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