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Sockers Midfielder Chad Hagerty Set His Life Goals in Third Grade

Chad Hagerty Sockers
Chad Hagerty, Photo Credit: San Diego Sockers/Greg Siller

Sockers midfielder Chad Hagerty made his career choice at the young age of 8-years old: professional soccer player. He even wrote it down in his 3rd-grade journal. Fast-forward a few years later to the age of 14, and that dream starts coming into focus as a strong possibility.

“I guess the moment that I really started to realize I had a chance was when I went to my first ODP regional tryouts and was selected to travel to Costa Rica,” says Chad. “A couple of years later I was chosen to travel to Italy with the team. Those experiences gave me a taste of what it would be like to play professionally. It motivated me to work hard to make soccer my career.”

Growing up in Louisville, Kentucky, he remembers idyllic summers where he had the freedom to hang out with other neighborhood kids from sunup until sundown.

“It was such a safe environment,” Chad says. “We could come and go as we pleased, as long as we made it home in time for practices and dinner.”

As an adult, he found another idyllic place to call home.

“There really can’t be a better spot to live in the US than San Diego. The weather is fantastic, the people are incredible, and there is always something fun and exciting happening in the city.”

chad hagerty
Chad Hagerty, Photo Credit: San Diego Sockers/Greg Siller

Chad has played for the Sockers for eight years. He says it’s an honor to be part of a successful organization with such a rich history. One of the highlights of his career was when he took the helm as Captain of the Sockers2 team (the Sockers developmental team), eventually winning the national championship this past season.

“It was incredibly rewarding, not just because we won the ultimate prize, but also because I was able to help in the development of so many of the young guys in our Sockers program,” says Chad. “We had such a special group of guys this year, and I am excited to see what those guys do with their careers!

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Chad seems to be busier off the field than on the field. He coaches youth soccer (’07 and ’08 Girls) for the Cardiff Mustangs. He also owns a business that contributes to a cause close to his heart.

“I helped start a small business where we take recycled and repurposed plastics, keep them out of landfills and turn them into products that clean oil and chemicals from the environment. I am very passionate about our environment, and I am trying to play a role in ensuring our planet stays healthy for years to come.”

Chad Hagerty, Photo Credit: San Diego Sockers/Greg Siller

He says retirement is a scary thought but when that day comes, he knows he’ll be around the game “in some way, shape or form.” For now, he’s going to keep playing the sport he loves and appreciating all the Sockers fans for their dedication.

“We have some of the best fans in the MASL and probably in all of the professional sports. They are intensely passionate. They show up in all their Sockers gear for every home game, many of them travel for the away games, and they even come out to support the Sockers2 program.”

He hopes they can give the fans something extra special this year.

“We have great chemistry as a team and a real chance to bring home the MASL Ron Newman Cup. I’m excited to see how we fare in the playoffs, and I’m ready to bring the Cup back to SD!”

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