Copa de la Diversion!!! Pajaritos de Norfolk.

As part of Minor League Baseball’s Copa de la Diversión initiative celebrating Hispanic heritage, the Norfolk Tides will play as the Pajaritos De Norfolk for five games during the 2019 season. We still have 2 more games, see you there!! The winners for the bobble heads are……… check it out.

NORFOLK, V.A. (WAVY) — Norfolk Police are holding their first ever Hispanic Community Police Academy. 31 people were part of the 12-week program started to increase the interaction with Hispanic citizens and Norfolk officers.

“The Norfolk Police Department knows the frustration when a person comes to this country as an immigrant and has difficulty knowing or learning laws and regulations, so that’s why it’s started,” said Officer Juvenal Valdez.

Police say it was the first of its kind in the region. Once a week, bilingual instructors met with the participants. “They never knew how forensics worked, they didn’t know if they were a victim of a robbery, who would they call, where do they go?” said Officer Valdez.

Interview with Universoul Circus from Colombia via Skype with Sylvia. Don’t miss the opportunity to see Universoul Circus, A incredible experience to live with your family.

Cooking from the Heart, a cooking show geared toward busy moms/dads who want to prepare healthy, delicious, budget-friendly meals for their families, but don’t want to miss out on precious family time, by being stuck all day in the kitchen, and today she prepares strawberry salsa.!


Aid Another provides inclusion programs that exclusively considers special needs families. Our purpose is to promote awareness of special needs families in our community, to empower special needs children with opportunities for social integration and to create an environment of acceptance, support and advocacy. Aid Another provides inclusive educational, cultural and recreational programs that are designed to improve quality of life, reduce isolation and enhance social settings.

And once again the amazing Aaron Brave and his song “Sweet Sweet time”