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Engaging Programs and Exhibitions at Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center

Bring out your creativity at the new Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center where you can participate in fun, creative activities in addition to viewing the exhibitions.

Discover your creative side at the new Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center with a variety of interactive exhibitions, programs and workshops to keep you connected and engaged.

There’s always something new to experience at the Contemporary Art Center’s facility, “Folding Light,” designed by architect Rand Elliott. The new 53,916-square-foot, four-story building is a cultural gateway to downtown Oklahoma City.

“For a contemporary art institution like ours which is unique in the state, to open in a place like Oklahoma is a really big deal. It not only signals that the community is growing, evolving and changing, it also indicates that we are doubling down as a state, as a community, as a city on culture, art, ideas and the contemporary world that is reflected through really all of our programs, our classes, our exhibitions, our performances,” – Jeremiah Matthew Davis, Artistic Director.

After postponing its planned grand opening due to COVID, the new facility opened new in September of 2020 and has a rotating schedule of workshops and exhibitions. Here are some things you may want to know about the arts center:

Public programs are available for visitors of all ages.

School children, young adults, seniors and veterans can all enjoy art programs that provide education about contemporary art, artists and creative practice.

On-site and virtual programs are both available, including performances and activities inspired by the art on display in the galleries and outdoors at Campbell Art Park. This three-block city park actively engages the community with art education and exhibitions.

“It’s not simply what we can categorize as sculpture or painting or photography, there’s all manner of installations and experiences in many ways that require the visitor to actually activate it in order to appreciate what it does, what it is, what it can do,” – Eddie Walker, Executive Director.

Rotating exhibitions feature innovative works by artists year-round.

National and international artists are highlighted at the arts center, and the third floor is dedicated to exhibiting works by local Oklahoma artists. Meanwhile, outdoors, public sculpture installations by leading artists engage the community in the Sculpture Garden and Campbell Art Park.

Educational videos are at your fingertips 24/7.

Recorded programs – performances, discussions and studio tours remain in the video archive online and on the blog, New Light, for you to view any time.

To ensure the health and safety of both the staff and participants during the pandemic, Studio School and most classes are currently taught in real-time, online over Zoom, with recordings made available after the class. And some workshops are held outside where masks and social distancing are required.

Watch the interview with Executive Director, Eddie Walker, and Artistic Director, Jeremiah Matthew Davis.

We interviewed Davis and Walker, who shared more interesting information about the center, including features of the new facility and how it’s dynamic and constantly changing.

“Word of 2020 is pivot. As a contemporary arts center and as an organization focused on contemporary work, we’re innovating constantly. Each year is a blank slate, a new opportunity to introduce new ideas, new programs, new creative experiences. So in some ways, this is a year like any other,” – Davis.

“We’re all about what’s happening right now and that keeps it very exciting. And it’s always different,” – Walker.

The arts center’s new design-driven facility provides more space, both indoor and outdoor, for sculpture, photography, visual art, mixed media and performance and limitless possibilities for decades to come.

Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center is located at 11 NW 11th St., Oklahoma City, OK and is open Mon. & Wed.- 11-6, Thurs.- 11-9, and Fri. – Sun.- 11-6.