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Pawtucket Remembers Its Vietnam Veterans in Documentary

Pawtucket Vietnam veterans

A new documentary special, “Pawtucket Remembers”, to be presented throughout August exclusively on YurView, documents a monument dedication ceremony honoring 21 former city residents killed in action during the Vietnam War.

The monument’s installation in early May capped a year-long fundraising effort. Led by Terry Nau, a former Pawtucket Times sports editor and author of the book “They Heard The Bugle’s Call: Pawtucket and the Vietnam War,” the group collected $40,340.00.

The city of Pawtucket had donated a beautiful spot on the north end of Slater Park for the impressive six-ton monument made of black African stone and Vermont gray granite. On May 21, 2017, approximately 600 friends, relatives and appreciative citizens, some traveling as much as 3,000 miles to attend, gathered at the site for a long overdue remembrance of these brave soldiers.

Videographer Eric Latek was also present to provide a video document for the fallen soldiers’ families and friends. Upon reviewing the footage with editor Alex Contos, the realization hit that this event was really of interest to people far beyond the soldiers’ loved ones. A decision was made to edit the video into a full-length program.

The program can be seen online by clicking here.