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Victorian Cake Company Specializes in Exquisite Wedding and Birthday Cakes

Cakes for all occasions - birthdays, weddings, baby showers, bridal showers and anniversaries

The owner/founder of the Victorian Cake Company, Sheri Cahn, describes the company as a custom gourmet bakery; specializing in exquisite wedding and birthday cakes and home to the Pink Champagne Cake.

The company started in 1989 in a small space and it has grown over the past 28 years. Cahn says all the recipes are from her grandmother and are made from scratch. Her grandmother taught her to make pastries but her specialty was cakes. Cahn loved baking and decorating the cakes.

Jenni Cahn loves working at the bakery and working with her mom and family. She admires her mother for building the business. She describes the signature cake, the Pink Champagne, as a cake with vanilla cream filling, butter cream icing, decorated with pink chocolate curls and little silver balls adorning the top. They do cakes for all occasions; baby showers, bridal showers, anniversaries and of course wedding and birthday cakes.

Jenni enjoys making wedding cakes because it is such an important cake to make. She says it is awesome to make it, build it, decorate it and reveal it to the bride and groom. She loves seeing their response; they are blown away.

As a specialty shop they have fine pastries, white chiffon cake, old fashioned butter cream icing and cake charms (small squares of cake and icing mixed together and dipped in white or dark chocolate and decorated). They also have cupcakes ranging from regular flavors to gourmet cupcakes.

One loyal customer has frequented the bakery for over a decade and recommends them to family and friends. She says the pastries and cakes are delicious, made with love and they are beautiful.