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Sala Thai is a Delicious, Authentic Resting Place

Authentic Thai from décor to food

Next up on the Hidden Gems tour is Sala Thai Restaurant. Owner and Chef Aniwat Pluemjit says the meaning of sala in Thai is resting place. He invites diners to come in and enjoy the food in a home like setting. The restaurant offers Thai hospitality and the ambiance of Thai architecture, art and design. Every piece of décor in the restaurant is from Thailand and was brought to the United States by Pluemjit’s father. The idea was to keep it authentic; from décor to food.

The ingredients are fresh and the meat is lean at Sal Thai. A behind the scenes look at the preparation of a spicy chicken dish is demonstrated by chef/co-owner Somsaun Pluemjit. From ingredients, to wok cooking and on to the plate, it is a fresh, authentic and beautiful Thai dish. A tall glass of creamy Thai tea only adds to the tempting Thai dish.

Visit Sala Thai and enjoy the environment, the culture and the calm atmosphere as well as delicious authentic Thai cuisine.