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Peraza Boxing Gym; Turning lives around, starting with it’s owner

If it is strength and conditioning or turning your life around Cesar Peraza is someone you need to see. A good place to meet up would be at his gym; Peraza Boxing Gym in Glendale, AZ. He came to the U.S. when he was 13 years old by way of El Salvador. When he was a little kid in school he got picked on. He got started in the martial arts to defend and protect himself and later he became a professional kick boxer.

paraza boxing gym paraza boxing gym

He was also in construction and owned his own company. The company went through difficult times and Peraza says it was his wife who helped him believe in himself and started him doing what he does today – Peraza Boxing Gym.

Assistant boxing trainer, Frank Gurule wanted to be part of the gym because of the camaraderie. He likes that it is about being part of a team and working together to accomplish goals. It is not just about sparring and hitting.

Peraza agrees it is a family business. He credits his wife with being the backbone of the gym. His daughter is a personal trainer at the gym and his young son has input about the programs at the gym.

paraza boxing gym paraza boxing gym

Paraza Boxing gym is a big part of the community and there are programs for kids and adults. The parents are happy their children are at the gym because it is keeping them out of clubs and away from violence. Peraza notes some of the kids were bullies but they have learned to work together and take care of others now.