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The ACE Program Helps At-Risk Students Achieve a College Education

Program supports educational opportunities for students and their families

Angela Chavez, Director MCC Early Outreach Programs, explains the ACE Program, Achieving a College Education.  Chavez says it is an opportunity for underrepresented students to gain the hands-on experience of college, and it helps them learn that college is something they can accomplish. All of the Maricopa Colleges have an ACE program. Rio Salado has an adult program helping students get their GED and then enroll in college.

Ace Program

Vashi Worley, Coordinator for Dual Enrollment at Phoenix College, explains the ACE Program as an opportunity for greatness. She says for students, it is an adventure for self-realization and a dream come true. It is an opportunity for at-risk students to get a higher education.

Chavez calls ACE a family affair because it supports students and their families. She notes there are many other organizations, foundations and scholarship opportunities that come out of ACE. Once students are in ACE, there are many other opportunities available to them.