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5 Things You Need Before Hiking in Arizona

Hiking in Arizona is absolutely a lot of fun. While the Grand Canyon is a terrific place to start, Arizona has so many scenic hiking places to offer both locals and tourists. But no one should get started on this state’s treacherous terrain without several things and properly planning ahead first.

Good thing we have any beginning hikers covered. Hiking and Camping Specialist Jeff Merten of REI in Chandler, AZ lays out the five essentials for anyone just getting started with hiking in the great state of Arizona.

1. Proper Hydration

The most important thing we need is to bring water with us. We always recommend one liter of water per every hour being active.

2. The Right Footwear

Outside of proper hydration, proper footwear is essential. A stiffer sole is going to usually going to be more durable to this landscape. You want a sock that’s going to control that moisture, wipe the sweat away from you and keep your foot as dry as possible.

3. Comfortable and Protective Clothing

Clothing is essential. We always want to hike weather appropriate. In the winter months, it’s all about layers. A large brim hat is absolutely crucial. I still recommend a long-sleeved cotton shirt in the summer time.

4. A Simple First-Aid Kit

Usually something that will treat blisters, sore spots. Also a small pair of pliers.

5. Pack Snacks

Nobody wants to be hungry, and sometimes we utilize more energy than we expect. Bring a couple cliff bars, mixed nuts, you know, a salty snack when you are sweating a lot.

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