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Rhode Island Parrot Rescue (Warwick, RI)

Rhode Island Parrot Rescue in Warwick is the only non-profit rescue in the state that focuses exclusively on rescuing, rehabilitating, and placing exotic birds into qualified homes. They educate the public and provide adoption applicants with the knowledge needed to ensure their new feathered friends receive the best care.

YurView’s Simply New England show recently featured the RI Parrot Rescue and these beautiful exotic creatures. This inside look at the facility and their parrots, full of personality, are sure to make you smile. Watch the video above, or read the transcription below (lightly edited for clarity).

Rhode Island Parrot Rescue
Corrie Butler, Executive Director of RI Parrot Rescue

RI Parrot Rescue’s Mission

Corrie Butler, Executive Director, Rhode Island Parrot Rescue (00:04) – Hi, I’m Corrie Butler. I am the Executive Director of Rhode Island Parrot Rescue. And I have The Count, one of our residents. I think he’s very peacefully taking his afternoon nap now.

Katherine Rogers, Rhode Island Parrot Rescue (00:17) – We focus on rescuing, rehabilitating, adopting and educating people on taking care of these guys.

Christine Spanneda, Rhode Island Parrot Rescue (00:29) – The reality of it is, is that there is a captive parent crisis.

CB (00:35) – Fifty-one birds on our waiting list currently would be a good indication of how needed we are in our community.

CS (00:42) – A lot of people don’t realize that parrots are the fourth most popular household pet in America right behind fish, cats and dogs.

Rhode Island Parrot Rescue

Responsibility of a Parrot Owner

KR (00:52) – I feel it’s important that people thoroughly understand the responsibility of taking on a companion parrot, because number one, they live extremely long lives. You’re generally going to pass them down to your children, and maybe even your grandchildren.

CS (01:07) – Majority of our relinquishes are because their owner has passed away or became way too sick to take care of their birds. We take them in. We rehabilitate them, full vet work, work with them, and then adopt them out to qualified adopters.

KR (01:19) – It is really important that people know what they’re getting into. It’s a huge responsibility and one that people don’t have any idea of a lot of the time when they take it on.

CS (01:30) – These are animals that in the wild are in flocks of hundreds. Then they’re in our homes alone in a cage where they’re not flying, they’re not foraging, they’re not creating these bonds with other parrots. Instead, they’re replacing other parrots with us. And there’s no way humans can give a parrot what they need and what they get from the wild.

(01:50) – Although you can understand that, yeah, they’re not meant to be in our homes, they’re here. We can’t make them go away. They cannot be reintroduced in the wild. So you might as well make the best of it.

Rhode Island Parrot Rescue

Adopting a Parrot

CB (02:05) – Sorry, I woke him up, I think. If you’re looking to adopt, my number one suggestion would be to get in here and volunteer for a few months. Not only are you going to be encapsulated by like just their sheer beauty, but you’ll learn everything there is to know about what it’s going to be like when this bird potentially moves into your home.

KR (02:25) – Our birds are really happy here. They always come right to the front of the cage. They greet you. They’re happy to see you.

CB (02:34) You can’t walk in and be around all these beautiful colors and birds and not be happy. So a lot of us think of this as like our happy place.

CS (02:41) – Parrots are just unlike any animal you’ll meet. And people might think you’re crazy about it, but the people who get it, get it. And it’s a lot of fun.

KR (02:50) – They have a really good life here, they do. But at the same time, we need to adopt birds out so that we can get new birds in. It’s really important to us also that they have entertainment which comes in the form of enrichment, as well as interaction with volunteers. Our volunteers are our backbone here.

CB (03:10) – We love to have new volunteers. That’s something we’re always looking for. And the obvious things like donating supplies. We use a lot of white vinegar, for instance, paper towels, newspaper. And he said something…but I didn’t quite understand it, maybe macadamia nuts. That’s probably what he said. That’s his favorite thing.

Rhode Island Parrot Rescue volunteers

RI Parrot Rescue’s New Facility

CB (03:28) – So we will be moving into our new space very soon.

KR (03:31) – Our new space will be a lot bigger.

CB (03:34) – We’re going from a 1600 square foot space to like an 8000 square foot space.

KR (03:39) – We really want to have the extra space so that our birds have extra space.

CS (03:44) – We are going to be able to open an Education Center which is what I am the most excited about. So we’re gonna be able to hold workshops and just to help people better the lives of their parrots in their home.

CB (03:55) – I’m excited about this move because this is everything we’ve ever dreamed of and what we’ve been working so hard to accomplish for these guys for the past ten years. So that’s why I’m excited. I cannot wait.

For more information about Rhode Island Parrot Rescue, visit riparrots.org.

Rhode Island Parrot Rescue

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