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How to Live Comfortably in a Small Space

Small Space Living

Living in a small space used to be unbearable. Anyone who has experienced life in a cramped apartment, dorm or home knows it is a struggle when it comes to finding the right furniture that is comfortable and capable of entertaining family and friends. Living clutter free in a small space used to mean going without, but thanks to multi-functional furniture and some genius ideas it doesn’t have to be frustrating.

Living in a home with a less than desirable amount of square footage is now doable by making rooms multi-functional with the help of furniture that does more than just supply a place to sit or lay your head. Furniture has come a long way. It’s not all about comfort anymore. Although that is still extremely important. Furniture that serves more than one purpose is becoming more and more popular.

Be careful though. Multi-functional furniture may be everywhere you turn and is very attractive, but choosing wisely can be difficult. Durability is important, and for most affordability is also imperative. Finding the right furniture that will live up to its purpose is worth the investment. There is nothing worse than finding furniture to suit your small space only to take it home and have it fall apart within a few months of use.

Get More from Your Living Room

The right furniture can turn your living room into a spare bedroom when company comes over. Gone are the bulky and dangerous sofa pull outs. Would you wake up folded into the couch the next morning? Quality couches with simple construction that allows the back of the couch to lay flat, turning it into a bed, are now on the market. Making for a comfortable night of sleep and waking up to less work. Just slide the back of the couch up to a sitting position, lock in and go.

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Dining Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

Console tables that transform into dining tables can be incredibly helpful when you live in a smaller space that has a tiny kitchen without much room for dining. With many on the go, having a space to eat dinner, and not in front of the TV, is important. A console table with drop down leaves can accommodate this need. It can also double as an island in your tiny kitchen when you are looking for more counter space to cook or as a side table when you aren’t using it.

Enjoy a Home Office

A desk is a huge necessity for those who work at home on projects or when you are paying the bills. When you have a small space, you’ll most likely use your living room as an office too. Looking for a desk that isn’t in the way and eating up space used to be difficult. Working from home is easier with a sit and stand desk.

It’s a desk that lets you get your work done while bringing health benefits with its height. If you find a stylish desk it can also triple as a sofa table depending on the desk’s dimensions. At night when work is done use the desk as a sofa table for keys, the remote and more. Many come with wheels for mobility.

Stay Clutter Free

Lights that also serve as a charging zone with an organized area for your phones and tablets are a must have for tiny homes and apartments. When you have little counter space, your electronic necessities can get in the way when you aren’t using them. Creating a cluttered look. Having a little station to keep them safe and out of the way but within reach is key for many, especially tech lovers.

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Add Affordable Seating and Storage

Ottomans have become multi-functional in recent times. It’s easy to find ottomans that serve as a place to rest your feet, sit on and store your belongings. Ottomans with several purposes can add seating for company. It’s also a place to put your feet up and a solution that can alleviate your need for storage. Light-weight and sturdy ottomans make it easy for you to pull one up and put it aside when you don’t need it. Most contain an area within for storage that you can’t see, hiding away remotes, books and more. They are also fairly priced and a piece you can take along with you no matter where you live.

With so many options out there, living in a small space can be cozy and comfortable.