On this segment of I Do: The Ultimate Wedding Show, we visit Tessa’s Creations; a one-stop catering business where you can get your cake, reception food, all of your glass and dish rentals, and even favors.

Tessa Morgan, of Tessa’s Creations, is a full service caterer located in Norfolk, Virginia. With over 20 years of experience, Tessa is able to accommodate for any event. From weddings with over 1,000 people to an intimate dinner for two.

Got a theme? Tessa’s ready for it! BBQ sushi rolls, Indian and Moroccan style food, even French Salad Cuisine, and so much more! Have any dietary restrictions? No problem! There are no limitations to her tasty creations. Tessa encourages people visit her shop and meet her in person.

To learn more about what she can do for your wedding visit: https://www.tessascreations.com/weddings or visit her main page to inquire about other events. And watch this segment of I Do to see what tasty treat she’s making!