Imagine you have just gotten married! Finally, it is time to party with your new husband or wife. The reception starts….but is the music all you hoped it would be? Are your guest having fun? Does it feel like a party?

DJ West Entertainment wants to be your choice in creating the best wedding ever for you and your partner! Westley Madison, owner of DJ West Entertainment, will help set the tone of your wedding from the minute the first guest arrives to the last dance.

His number one goal is to make sure the Bride and Groom know the day is all about them. It’s DJ West’s job to read the guests and choose the perfect songs and artists that will surely hype up the crowd and get them excited!

DJ West gets his most support from his wife and business partner, Shina Madison. She excels with client communication, settling agreements over contracts and deposits, setting up for all weddings, and putting a woman’s touch on anything the bride may want.

Westley and Shina Madison want to make sure that your wedding is ALL you pictured it would be! Not only in finding those meaningful songs, but by working together as a duo to make sure they know exactly how you want everything to play out. A bond will be created allowing the newly weds to feel relaxed and satisfied with their special day.

To learn more about DJ West watch this segment of I Do! And visit his website here!