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Casteel’s Brandt Goodwin Jukes Defenders into Oblivion

With Casteel up 21-10 over Higley in the 3rd quarter, Casteel Wideout Brandt Goodwin caught a pass along the left sideline. It’s a conservative checkdown designed to get a few yards out of a play that was covered well in the secondary.

Pretty ordinary stuff.

What happened next was anything but.

Here he is, seemingly cornered by three Higley defenders.

Higley defenders

He manages to shake them off juking along the narrow real estate of the sideline cutting back in toward the middle of the field.

Now, he is literally surrounded by seven (7!) would-be tacklers.

football surrounded

No way he gets out of this, right?


He does an amazing step back juke move that sends defenders lunging at air.

brandt goodwin

Now he’s on the other side of the field and gets other defenders involved, looking like he’s got 99 Juke moves in Madden.

Finally, after Goodwin uses all his gas to get inside the 10, #23 comes along and finally brings him to the ground. But not before Goodwin made as good an open field run you’re likely to see in high school football this season.