Mitee Mite

Kids Are Going Crazy for New Game that Makes Learning Fun

A local dad saw a need to make learning fun so he came up with Mitee Mite, a super hero who uses her powers...
GoPro Camera

GoPro Goes IPO: What it Means for the Camera World?

In today's tech world, modern cameras have essentially been replaced by the smartphone, but GoPro is fighting back with cutting edge HD tech. Initially a...
cox marathon runners

Which Wearable Devices are the Best for Runners?

Two years ago, technology analyst firm Forrester reported that few people were interested in wearable fitness monitors. They found that most people know what they...
home of the future

What Does the Home of the Future Look Like?

As recently as just a decade ago, the idea of a 21st century home, as depicted in countless space-age TV shows and films, seemed...
Cut flowers

Cut Flowers 101 – How to Keep Flowers Healthy and Fresh

Dennis Thompson, owner of White House Flowers gives Monica some tips on how to keep cut flowers healthy and fresh. Fresh cut orchids and roses...
McDowell Sonoran Conservancy

Experience A Beautiful Ecological Treasure Up Close

The McDowell Sonoran Conservancy remains dedicated to preserving the beautiful Sonoran desert for all to enjoy. The Conservancy has made great strides in protecting our...
scorpions, blacklight

Night Hunting for Bark Scorpions in the Arizona Desert

In this entry of the STEM Journals, Brad Piccirillo braves the dark of night to meet up with Randy Babb of Arizona Game and...
quinoa veggie burger

Crafting the Ultimate Veggie Burger with Quinoa

Karen unravels the mysteries of quinoa with a bold and delicious black bean quinoa veggie burger!
southern vegetables canning

Southern-style vegetables and canning made easy

Karen travels to her friend Charley's kitchen and learns the best way to can vegetables.  Then she and Charley make some of his favorite...
vegetable recipe cauliflower

Recipes to have them eating (vegetables) out of your hand

If you’re having a tough time getting enough veggies into your family's diet, you’re not alone.  We feature recipes for hummus, Cream of Cauliflower...