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Highlights: Walker at Live Oak on 10/26/2017

The Walker Wildcats fall to the Live Oak Eagles after a second half power struggle.


In a Livingston Parish match up, the 5-2 Walker Wildcats took on the 3-5 Live Oak Eagles. Strong defensive plays on both sides delayed any scores until the last 1:46 of the quarter. After a 40 yard field goal by Nathan Holliday, Live Oak brought the score to 0-3. In the second quarter, the Eagles’ defense dominated again, with a touchdown run by sophomore Kee Hawkins with 3:15 left in the first half. The first half finished with a score of 17-0 Live Oak, 171 Live Oak rushing yards, and 86 Walker passing yards.

The second half started as Walker worked their way onto the scoreboard with the first of three touchdown passes by Christian Ard. In the third quarter, the Wildcats earned their first run, bringing the score to 17-7. In the fourth quarter, Walker took the lead after back to back touchdowns with 9:00 left. Live Oak responded with a final touchdown, reclaiming their lead with 5:01 left in the game. The Eagles finished the game with 275 rushing yards, Walker -44. Walker, however, led in passing yards with 267 and Live Oak 0. The final score was 24-21 Live Oak, who advances to 4-5 as Walker falls 5-3. This is the sixth consecutive year that Walker has fallen to Live Oak.


Walker’s entry into the game was an almost direct result of both a punt block and three big passing plays by quarterback Christian Ard to wide receivers sophomore Jalen Cook and senior Darius Hampton. All of these plays resulted in Wildcat touchdowns.

Player of the Game

The player of the game in this match was, without a doubt, Walker quarterback Christian Ard. Ard threw three touchdown passes, resulting in the only points Walker scored, in additon to responsibility for the fourth quarter lead assumed by the Wildcats.

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