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Friars Fall to Seton Ha (to be continued)

suspendedIt’s a sink or swim time for Providence, and they seemed interested in doing a little of both as they slid back and forth across the Dunkin Donuts Center on Wednesday night.

The fans were looking for a redemption game from Providence in a lot of ways. Not only was Providence coming off a road loss to Butler, but the earlier blowout loss to Seton Hall was one of the lowest points in the season, if not the lowest. Add that on top of an NCAA berth at stake, and there was a lot on the line for Providence.

Fans knew it and packed the Dunk during a remarkably warm February evening. So warm, in fact, that the ice from underneath the court was making the floor slippery, taking a Seton Hall casualty early in the game.

But when there’s basketball to be played, the only thing that could get in the way of the Friars were themselves. Though they started the game early, the Friars faltered with the lack of Kyron Cartwright on the floor in the first half – giving up a lead to Seton Hall that the Pirates would maintain going into halftime.

Fans knew there would be droughts. There always was. What they expected was the Friars to pull through, come out the gates in the second half strong, and take control. The opposite happened, and not only did it make the fans frustrated, it extended the Hall’s lead.

It was as if a two possession lead by the Pirates was insurmountable. The Friars would finally get themselves a basket, only for Seton Hall to answer with a converted and-one play (in one instance, the Pirates converted on a four point play from a lucky heave of a shot and a very boneheaded foul by Cartwright).

Still, the game was in reach. Even if it looked like it was slipping away from the Friars, all they needed was a little momentum and this could open wide up. After all, there was plenty on the line, and the fans knew it! If the Friars could just buy themselves a little time by the 12-minute media timeout, NCAA dreams for Providence might


(UPDATE: The conclusion of the game will be televised live at noon on YurView – channel 1004 for Cox customers in Rhode Island. Fox is handling distribution and has confiirmed that, outside of  RI, the Yes Network will be airing the game and it will be available on the Fox Sports Go app for FS1 cable subscribers. No FS1? There’s still time to add it to your Cox lineup – just click here. )