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Amaze Guests with Smoked Chicken and Pork Belly Grilled Pizza

OH Yes!, cookout season is upon us once again!

OH No, same old hot dogs burgers and sausage.

Right now, your grill is perhaps perched on the edge of your deck; shiny and cleaned for the season, waiting patiently for that first press of the igniter. Don’t let your grill and your guests down by throwing the same old, same old on it all summer.

Sure, every year you have the best of intentions. You think, “this will be the year that I become “The GrillMaster.” A few days before your first cookout, you daydream at work about the offbeat ingredients you will incorporate into your grilling; getting inspired; ready to score a culinary Grand Slam with your family and friends. The day before the big event you read an article online during lunch about how Jennifer Lawrence feels grilled kale is the new grilled asparagus. Oh yes, you’ve got this!

But on grocery day; disaster!

Your water heater has spewed all over the basement floor putting you way behind. You have to wait in the car for half an hour for your angel to get released from detention. And you have forgotten your shopping list on the kitchen counter anyway. So what do you do. Step up to the meat counter and order five pounds of ground beef. Don’t forget to grab those burger rolls and some cheese on the way out!

Boring grillables happen to everyone.

But they don’t have to. Creative grilling can be easy when you know how and have a great recipe to follow. A real favorite as an appetizer or main selection has become the grilled pizza. It’s quick and easy and can be as creative as you wish depending on which toppings you add.

But what should you put on top to maximize the pizza’s magnificence?

Check out this grilled pizza collaboration favored by Chef Nick Rabar of Avenue N American Kitchen and Pat DeSocio of Preppy Pig BBQ. These two grillin’ guys put their heads together and have come up with a pizza for the ages. This one pulls out all the stops and will leave your guests begging for more.

Just follow their simple steps and enjoy. Happy summer!

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