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Female Entrepreneurs Lift Up EastPoint in Oklahoma City

Sometimes the perfect solution lies in your own backyard. This is true for female entrepreneurs in the Oklahoma City neighborhood of EastPoint. A revitalization project is providing a hot spot for niche businesses and provider services to roll out the welcome mat.

Business owners Brittani Hunter and Chaya Fletcher, along with OKC Councilwoman Nikki Nice, share their perspectives of how finding the perfect location, along with a built-in customer base, adds value to the community. Watch the video above to get an inside look at some of the great businesses in EastPoint, or read the full interview transcription below (lightly edited for clarity).

Spiked, EastPoint
Brittani Hunter, Owner of Spiked, a Coffee Concept

Brittani Hunter – Spiked, a Coffee Concept

Brittani Hunter, Owner of Spiked Coffee (00:01) – I am Brittani. And I’m the owner of Spiked, a Coffee Concept. Spiked Coffee is a coffee cocktail bar. We’re actually the first in Oklahoma City. Almost anything you can order at Starbucks, you can get it here. The only difference is you have the option to spike it. Some people like vodka. Some people like whiskey. Some people like Kahlua. So whatever it is, we have it. COVID definitely identified the need for more black coffee in Oklahoma City.

(00:23) – Currently, there are only two other black-owned coffee shops in Oklahoma City. And we are the only one that’s kind of like in the main hub of the east side. So my whole goal was to provide this side of town with opportunities that were not available prior to 2020.

Kindred Spirits, EastPoint
Chaya Fletcher, Owner of Kindred Spirits Culture & Cocktails

Chaya Fletcher – Kindred Spirits

Chaya Fletcher, Owner of Kindred Spirits (00:39) – Hi, my name is is Chaya, and I’m a partner here at Kindred Spirits. Kindred Spirits is a bar located in EastPoint. What inspired me was actually creating a space after my previous restaurant that I had in Deep Deuce called Urban Roots. I grew up in Northeast Oklahoma City.

(00:55) – I’m actually a third generation Northeast Oklahoma City resident. And I’ve traveled this quarter, basically every day of my life. And it’s looked the same way. So it was really exciting to have an opportunity to be a part of the first retail development to happen in my lifetime on 23rd Street.

Nikki Nice, EastPoint
Nikki Nice, Councilwoman of Ward 7, Oklahoma City Council

Councilwoman Nikki Nice – EastPoint

Nikki Nice, Councilwomen of Ward 7, OKC Council (01:12) – Female entrepreneurship is important for us as women to be able to mold and mentor the next generation of young girls because they have to see themselves in these spaces too. It helps them to know that these possibilities are open and opportunities are available for them as well.

CF (01:31) – It’s great to be a part of this collection of women. We are all really good friends and have developed a really great working relationship that I think is really going to help EastPoint thrive long term. That’s important also, when you’re in business, that you find a way to work together and to support each other.

NN (01:47) – This EastPoint development has been instrumental in helping to rebuild our Northeast quadrant of Oklahoma City.

BH (01:55) – Traditionally, when you look at gentrification, it’s not done by people in your community. We are making changes.

The Look Eye Care, EastPoint
The Look Eye Care in OKC

NN (02:04) – When you have the business owners that have been a part of the community before and continue to stay a part of the community. And then you have their generations of children and family members coming back and and being a part of the growth. That’s how you see the importance of these particular parts of our community in the revitalization thrive.

CF (02:22) – It gives the younger generation an opportunity to see older people reinvesting in their neighborhood, not just in a commerce way, but in service. We are all working to create a healthier community for our generation and the next.

NN (02:39) – This is now a destination. And that’s the most beautiful thing…and what makes me most proud of this community.

CF (02:45) – If you’re passionate about it. If you love what you’re doing, don’t let anyone discourage you from following your passion and your dreams.

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