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“Tech Trends” Highlights Best of CES 2017

tech trends
Have you heard about the annual Consumer Electronics Show, a gathering of 170,000 tech leaders, developers and entrepreneurs in Las Vegas?

Ever wondered what happens there?

“Tech Trends” is the story of CES 2017 told through the eyes of on-the-ground correspondents: consumer tech blogger Sarah Evans and Snapchat influencer Danny Berk.

They came, they saw, they tried new tech, from virtual gaming to smart toilets and everything in between. Watch and learn what latest tech is available now and coming soon to make your life more connected and your home smarter!

Check out this clip featuring Nikon’s Project Helix, a cool interactive display that had some of the longer lines at The Las Vegas Convention Center.

Tech Trends will air exclusively on Yurview (YUR on local Cox guide) beginning March 5 and running multiple times per week throughout the month. Check local listings on your Cox guide or check out the YurView schedule.