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Border X Brings Latino Inspired Microbrews to California

Border X TapsMarcel and Martin Favela started Border X with a mission of fusing ingredients inspired from their childhood in Mexico and craft beers. The result is a lively and inspired microbrewery in the up and coming arts community of Barrio Logan. And now that mission is expanding Northward to the Los Angeles area in the city of Bell.

From West Coaster“Border X is in the midst of the first phase of an expansion plan that would see the company build a brewery and taproom in Bell, a community of roughly 35,000 located on the east bank of the Los Angeles River in the heart of L.A. County.”

Expansion and investors weren’t on the brothers minds when they first started this endeavor. They were simply interested in sharing their creations with their friends.

“My brother and I started brewing at home and eventually we started taking it to family gatherings,” said Martin Favela about Border X’s humble beginnings. “It came about from our passion of sharing our beer and experimenting with beer that we’ve never seen before.”

Martin’s brother, Marcel, is the Head Brewer of Border X and he was interested in using ingredients from his childhood to create inspired tastes outside of the Dutch and German traditions. Some of the ingredients come from Mexico, but Marcel is not limiting his palette to just one region.


“The ingredients that we use in our beers are mainly Latino focused. We didn’t just want to make it Mexico. Since we grew up in Mexico that was mainly our inspiration, but we don’t want to limit ourselves to a specific region.”

But it’s not just the beer that keeps people coming back to Border X. The brothers have created a positive, artistic, musical and creative atmosphere.

Border X Dance

“We created an atmosphere that is very centralized to our culture so we share a lot of the local artists from here and Barrio Logan in San Diego,” said Martin Favela. “We want to keep that culture and essence of who we are so when people come in they realize that this is a little different.”

That difference is making a difference as Border X seems poised to share their unique creations with more and more Californians for years to come.