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Chandler Compadres Make it Their Mission to Help Kids and Families

When the Chandler Compadres say, “Kids are our Game” they aren’t playing. They mean business! And their business is raising money to give to agencies working with kids and providing resources for kids and their families.

As the founders of the Boys and Girls Club in Chandler, AZ, the Chandler Compadres have made it their mission to help kids and families who live in Chandler and the east valley. Ramon Elias, former president and CEO for Boys and Girls Club of East Valley and member of the Compadres, remembers the 80’s when the group sold concessions at Compadres Stadium to raise money.

Becky Jackson of ICAN Positive Program for Youth says the Compadres are known as men with huge hearts helping kids who don’t have the resources or support they need. They help kids who don’t have the same opportunities as other kids have.

Monique Napoleon, Boys and Girls Club volunteer and parent, is thankful for the services the Boys and Girls Club provides for her children. The help after school with homework and life skills will help her son gain confidence as he grows to be a man. The organization is making life better for her children.

Jessica Solis, “Youth of the Year” for the Chandler Boys and Girls Club says the organization offered resources, computers, mentoring, and tutoring that changed the life of the shy overwhelmed girl she was six years ago. She has been proud to represent the club.

Mike Hansen, current President of Chandler Compadres, became a member because he wanted to be involved in the community and saw a need to give back and invest in the future. The Compadres are committed to starting when the kids are young and seeing them through until they get in college and become members of the community.

To see about playing for the Compadres visit chandlerscompadres.org