Ron Johnson Will Always be Remembered as “One of the Good Ones”

They only made one of the baseball lifer who didn’t go by either his first or last name. This man went by RJ, someone who had a special way about him. Ron Johnson was full of personality. He also loved to dine at the the Old Canteen, a restaurant located on Providence’s historic Federal Hill. Spend...

A Last Chance at PawSox History

Years from now, the chair that came directly from the clubhouse or the game-worn jersey that possibly could have been worn by a star ballplayer, might lead to a simple, direct question. How on earth did you get your hands on such a cool memento that in essence will help keep alive the memory of...
Lou S CU PawSox

Mike Tamburro Will Miss Lou Schwechheimer’s Magic

In PawSox circles, they were regarded as the Holy Trinity. At the top was a businessman named Ben Mondor, a no-nonsense owner who breathed fresh life into the local Triple-A franchise after it had fallen into a state of disrepair. You also had Mike Tamburro, Mondor’s top lieutenant who held the rank of club president and...
Lou S Wife and daughter

The Legacy of Lou Schwechheimer’s Dreams Will Endure

This baseball tale wasn’t supposed to end this way. Not even close. It was at least a decade ago when I found myself lounging around the press box at McCoy Stadium on one of those beautiful, warm summer days that made Ben Mondor and his crew smile so much. Around the fourth inning I saw...
Wired segment shot

Best of PawSox “Wired”: Sox Nostalgia Mixed With Baseball Fun and Action

"PawSox Wired" Premieres Tuesday, June 23 at 7 p.m. on YurView (Check Local Listings) Folks who worked at McCoy Stadium during the mid to late 2000s often contend that when it came to Ron Johnson, they broke the mold. He was affectionately known as “R.J.” during his five-year run as manager of the Pawtucket Red...
Ken Ryan Teaching

Major League Vet Ken Ryan Teaching Kids Baseball In A COVID-19 World

Due to COVID-19, Ken Ryan was forced to close his baseball-related business at the worst possible time. Traditionally, March represents the busiest month on the calendar for KR Baseball Academy, located at 100 Higginson Ave. in Lincoln. Alas, Ryan proved to be the norm rather than the exception when it came to falling victim to the Great Sports Blackout of 2020

From Triple A to NBA: Zach Rothfeld Helps Choreograph “The Last Dance”

There was this treasure trove of NBA video that had remained in the vault for nearly two decades. Before immense production could begin on the “The Last Dance” – the 10-part documentary that followed Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls during the 1997-98 season – Zach Rothfeld was tasked with watching and logging 500 hours...

RI Author Connects with America’s Pastime Through a Pack of Cards

Brad Balukjian didn’t set out to tell some run-of-the-mill story about the post-playing adventures of pro baseball players whose trading cards happened to be a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. In other words, Balukjian wanted more to come out of the pack of 1986 Topps baseball cards that served as the foundation...

Putting a Bow on the 2019 Pawsox

For the Pawtucket Red Sox, time is definitely growing short. The local Triple-A ballclub will apply the finishing touches to the 2019 season this coming Monday, laying to rest a five-plus month stretch where there was no shortage of comings and goings – par for the course around these parts. As of this writing, the...
Bobby Dalbec PawSox

Surfs Up at McCoy Stadium as the Pawtucket Fightin’ Quahogs Take the Field

Not to be outdone by any of the other crazy minor league baseball team names out there, the PawSox continue to milk the trend for all it's worth by transforming into the Pawtucket Fightin' Quahogs for one night only later this month. It's a pretty neat nod to a popular delicacy in conjunction with Rhode...
classic gametime

Classic GameTime Showcases Top 2021 High School Football Games

Watch the best high school football games from around the county. Starting June 17th and throughout summer, Classic GameTime high school football airs Friday nights at 7:00 pm on your local YurView channel (check local listings) and streaming at 7 pm CT on
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15 Fun Things to Do in Oklahoma City Today

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