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Get the Latest in Laminate Floors from AAA Hardwood

At AAA Hardwood Floors they are always striving for the best products for their customers. We'll talk to owner Ken Tran about their latest laminate flooring that stands up to the Arizona heat.
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Get the Look of a Beautiful Hardwood Floor Without the Hardwood Cost

Ken Tran, President and CEO of AAA Hardwood Floors, tells us about the advantages of their new waterproof vinyl flooring. Not only is it cheaper than real wood flooring, this vinyl product is scratch-resistant and easily replaceable. Ken Tran shows us the different installation methods available as well as the variety of colors and...
AAA Hardwood solid versus engineered

Solid vs. Engineered Wood: Which is Best for Your Home?

Because of the way their foundation is built, many modern homes can have problems with moisture damaging their hardwood floors. AAA Hardwood Floors CEO and President Ken Tran explains the effects of humidity and water on different types of hardwood floors. He also compares the different advantages and disadvantages of engineered and solid wood...
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Fresh Flooring Looks for the New Year at AAA Hardwood Floors

Looking to give your floors a fresh look for the new year? AAA Hardwood Floors has some beautiful and economical options for you.
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New Laminate Flooring Perfect Option to Hardwood Floors

By Shana Fischer Hardwood floors add the perfect touch to a home but that perfection comes with a steep price. Many homeowners have turned to laminate flooring, but sometimes laminate can look less expensive and is easily damaged. Owners Ken and Tracy Tran of AAA Hardwood Floors knew they could make a better-looking, longer-lasting laminate. Having spent...
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Picking the Best Hardwood Floors for Arizona’s Dry Climate

By Shana Fischer Hardwood floors can give your home a high end and polished look, but our Arizona climate can wreak havoc on your floors and ruin them. Desert climates like Arizona are low-humidity and that lack of moisture can cause problems like warping, gaps, and even cracking. Ken Tran, owner of Triple A Hardwood and...
Installing Hardwood Floors

Does Changing Flooring Add Value to Your Home?

By Corey O'Leary Whether you are trying to add value to your home to refinance or you're looking to sell, many homeowners question if investing in new flooring makes a big difference in the equity of your home. Some realtors will tell you that it doesn't matter, but the right flooring can increase your value...