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Stressed Out? How to Self-Assess and Make Positive Changes

When we experience stress, tasks like getting out of the door in the morning can seem like an impossible feat.

Take the Fear Out of Strength Training

Don't fear the barbell and don’t let the phrase strength training intimidate you. It simply means you will make your body more vital by exercising.

Weight Loss Goals Fail As Pounds Stand Still

Have you ever given up on exercise or a diet because it was overwhelming or didn't see the results quickly enough? Me too, and it can feel frustrating to keep grinding out activities if you don't feel like you're moving the needle toward your goals. Speaking of goals, that's something we ought to get clear...
4 Your Health

Take the First Step to Good Health

Drew Saenz, now fitness consultant and coach in Phoenix, had a health scare at 19. During a check-up, his doctor told him that he was overweight and on the verge of pre-hypertension. Hear the story of Drew's health journey and how he's helped so many others throughout his career.