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Larry H Miller Helping the Community

Three Critical Organizations Helping the Phoenix Community

Building a strong community relies on supporting one another, and many nonprofits in the Phoenix area achieve just that: they support the members of their community through a litany of services. But the nonprofits can't do it alone. In this article you'll learn about three critical nonprofits in the Phoenix community, what they do,...
Destination Arizona

Enjoy the Wondrous Beauty of Arizona Any Time of the Year

Whether you're looking for a summer getaway, a fall weekend, a spring break destination, or a winter escape, there's always something new to discover in Arizona. In this story we take a look at all the activities, events, sights, and scenes that make Arizona unique at any time of the year! Spring: Baseball, Parks, and...

That Wasn’t Supposed to Happen: A Requiem of the 2016-17 Providence Friars Season

I have a lot of feelings and thoughts surrounding the Providence College Friars right now. Part of me is extremely disappointed. For the Friars to have come so far just to fall flat right as they made it to the Tournament and looked as though they were going to advance was one of the most...
University of Dayton Arena

5 NCAA Tournament Teams Appearing for the First Time

Every March there's a sea of familiar faces making the NCAA Tournament, but these aren't the only teams we should be looking towards: in 2017 the NCAA Tournament will feature five newcomers to the Field of 68. These five teams each had an interesting journey, so let's learn a little more about the programs...
Destination Arizona

How to Plan a Perfect Arizona Getaway for an Authentic Southwest Experience

Signs of warm weather and longer days mean only one thing: winter is coming to an end and spring is well on it's way. Spring is also one of the best times to travel with reasonably priced airfare and plenty of breaks and holidays. With so many travel options choosing a destination can be hard....
xavier basketball fans

March Is All About Bursting Bubbles

Earlier this week, I watched something truly special happen: I watched a team save itself just a bit from possibly ending up disappointed on Selection Sunday. The Xavier Musketeers were once thought to be a Final Four contender early in the season. They had talent, were firing on all cylinders, and were regularly in the...
Ed Cooley No Jacket

When Will Ed Cooley and the Friars Get the Credit They Deserve?

You know, at some point, these other Big East coaches are REALLY going to need to stop doubting what Ed Cooley and the Providence Friars are capable of. It seems like every year there's a routine that happens: Providence gets picked either in the middle or bottom of the Big East pact by the coaches....
Kyron Cartwright

The Road to Madness: 6 Games That Defined The Providence Friars Season

At what point, as a fan, do you transition from "omg I can't believe we made the tournament!" to "I expect us to make the tournament"? If I'm being honest, I hope I never become the latter. Don't get me wrong, I would love the security and confidence that comes with making the tournament every year....