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American Furniture Warehouse small space design ideas

A Small Space Does Not Does Not Mean Limited Design Ideas

Having a small space doesn’t mean you are limited on design ideas, the experts at American Furniture Warehouse show us some options.
American Furniture Warehouse

AFW Shows Us the Power of Three in Home Decorating

The designers at American Furniture Warehouse show us how using the power of three can help you in decorating your home.
decorating with blue and American Furniture warehouse

In Home Furnishings, Cool Blue is Red Hot!

By Cindy Kerr In home decor, the color blue is both trending and timeless. From French provincial mansions, to Mediterranean hilltop homes, to coastal cottages, it's as popular today, as it was in days gone by. Blue is restful, restorative and just plain beautiful, in furnishings and interior design. Where Does Blue Rank? In general, blue ranks...
Layering Rugs

DIY Tip – How to Improve the Look of Floors by Layering Rugs

Ashley Kaminski, buyer for American Furniture Warehouse, who offers some decorating tips on layering rugs. She says: The first thing to consider is the base layer. The base should be thinner in texture, larger in size and neutral in color. The base layer can have subtle pattern. The top layer or accent layer should...