So much talent In Virginia!!!!

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Latin Fest is Here, June 21, 22 Are you ready??? for some amazing performances?, For two days, Virginia Beach celebrates the sights and sounds of the Latin experience. Mangu, is here today to talk about the artist that we are going to see at the Latin Fest 2019!!!!

K’bana Blaq a true artist!!!

It was almost two years ago that K’bana Blaq flew to Germany to do a handful of Prince tribute shows — but the entertainer from Hampton still feels the impact of that trip.

That’s what motivated him to write “Before Success: The Beginning With No Ending,” a concise but highly personal memoir that he is now hoping will inspire kids and students around the region.

Being away from everyone and everything you know forces you to listen to your inner voice more clearly,” Blaq said. “When we’re around people all the time, we allow it to fill up spaces in our life where we’re meant to be alone. I’m a very busy person, connected to a lot, and during that time I was in Germany, I just felt so alive and fresh and honest.

“Then I came home, and I felt the box again, the walls. We have to release something, and I had so much joy and newfound understanding, but once I got home I was trying to suppress it again. I had to get it out.”

So he started writing. What emerged was an emotional revelation in which he acknowledged his homosexuality and described a childhood and adolescence in which he learned to call upon his religious faith and the unwavering support of his mother to deal with the bullying he endured.

Today Blaq is a vocalist for the funk group The Fuzz Band. He is a solo artist, songwriter, actor, director, writer, photographer, model and more. He grew up on the Peninsula and says he uses a stage name to protect his own privacy and that of his family.

Know more about our beautiful co – host today Nanette Nicole Orellana, actress/ host/model.

My name is Nanette Nicole Orellana and one of my dreams is to be a model, I moved from Argentina about a year ago and have been doing photoshoots with friends or just cool people who I know for fun. Numerous times have they told me I need to get serious with modeling. I am very short but love doing pictures, after some time my friends who are Modeling convinced me to start looking for ways to get more serious. I just want to do what I love the most and that is being in front of a camera.

Our segment of musician this time the incredible Jennifer Gammill.

“Virginia Beach jazz singer and flutist Jennifer Gammill demonstrates her “heart, soul and fire” on this most enjoyable 13-song album. She does so with some seriously capable backup musicians you may have heard of before: Jae Sinnett (drums), Terry Burrell (bass) and Allen Farnham (piano). Sinnett co-produced the album of all originals as well. Credentials aside, the entire album is outstanding and is one of those records where you need to just let it play as you absorb the musical moods Gammill emotes on songs like “Slow Fire,” “Spider’s Web,” and “Be Your Girl.””

and more beauty, Kristi Caras, a local singer from New Hampshire.

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