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Watch Breaking Down the Madness for all things NCAA men's and women's basketball championship, only on YurView.

From March 18th through April 7th, Breaking Down the Madness will cover all things NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournaments with interviews, predictions, expert analysis, and insights into the teams and players on a national and local level.​

Breaking Down The Madness is a weekly show dedicated to providing tournament coverage of Selection Sunday, a preview of the Sweet 16, Elite Eight, men’s and women’s championship games, and more.

We’ve assembled a panel of experts to provide analysis from around the country – with special in-depth coverage of regional teams, including Arizona, Virginia, Creighton, Kansas, San Diego State, Providence, and more.

Join us every week beginning Monday, March 18th, as we break it all down for you during the 2024 NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournament. Check out the complete Breaking Down the Madness schedule below.

How to watch Breaking Down the Madness

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“Breaking Down the Madness” on YurView covers the NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournaments. Join us every week beginning Monday, March 18th

🏀 Breaking Down the Madness Weekly TV Schedule 🏀

(Times subject to change – check local listings for airtimes in your region.)

Week 1 – March 18th: Selection Sunday recap and First Four Preview (60-minute show).

  • Monday, Mar. 18 @ 8 pm
  • Tuesday, Mar. 19 @ 7pm & 9 pm
  • Wednesday, Mar. 20 @ 7 pm

Week 2 – March 25th: Recap 1st and 2nd Round and Sweet 16 Preview (60-minute show).

  • Monday, Mar. 25 @ 8 pm
  • Tuesday, Mar. 26 @ 7pm & 9 pm
  • Wednesday, Mar. 27 @ 7 pm

Week 3 – April 1st: Recap Elite Eight and Final Four Preview (30-minute show).

  • Monday, Apr. 1 @ 8 pm
  • Tuesday, Apr. 2 @ 7pm & 9 pm
  • Wednesday, Apr. 3 @ 7 pm

Week 4 – April 7th: Women’s Championship recap and Men’s Championship recap (30-minute show).

  • Sunday, Apr. 7 @ 7 pm, 8 pm, 9 pm & 11 pm
  • Monday, Apr. 8 @ 4 pm & 6 pm