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Highlights: Raymond S. Kellis at Mesquite on September 22, 2017

The Raymond S. Kellis Cougars battle hard and end up on top over the Mesquite Wildcats, with a final score of 26-24.

Josiah Bailey of Kellis received Player of the Game, with 3 receptions, 75 yards including a 53 yard return, and much more. Cougars wide receiver Plas Johnson also chipped in 32 yards and scored 2 touchdowns to help his team take the lead.

Deandre Kelsey from Mesquite received praise for his performance. His 163 yards could not be missed, as well as his 3 touchdowns for the Wildcats.

While the Wildcats were trailing by 2 with just 32 seconds left in the game, they pushed the ball down for a field goal attempt, but came up short.


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