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Chef Nick Rabar shows you how to make the hottest summer dish on the latest Keep on Cookin' segment. 00:05 – Nick Rabar Thanks everyone for joining me here on Keep on Cookin and today we're making this summer's hottest dish...
Chef Nick Rabar shows you his "way" of making this classic Grilled Scape Vinaigrette Potato Salad side dish that will be a hit at all your pot lucks. We'll also visit Liz Paulo at Wines and More in Cranston Rhode Island for another perfect wine pairing.
It's summer and the perfect time to start grilling.  Keep on Cookin with Nick Rabar has a delicious Grilled Fish Taco recipe featured in the latest Simply Southern New England episode. Moho Marinade Citrus Salsa Grilling Tortillas Building the...
Simply Southern New England is excited to share the newest Keep On Cooking with Nick Rabar segment, showing you how to grill your own pizza. Plus find out what wine goes best with this recipe from Wines & More. ...
Making a classic margarita is easy & it's delicious. Learn how to make the perfect classic margarita with this simple recipe.
Tangy, tropical, or traditional, we've got you covered with easy recipes for whichever guac suits your fancy.
"Top Chef" Claudette Zepeda demonstrates how to cook a high-end dinner that's easy to make - the delicious dish of "Enmoladas" (enchiladas with mole sauce) and a savory salad.
Take any party to the next level with this recipe for a spicy watermelon glass of deliciousness in margarita form.
"Modern Traditional" - seems like a bit of an oxymoron, doesn't it? While that may be, the phrase in this case refers to planning an element of both in this year's Easter dinner. After such a difficult year for...
Side dishes can often steal the show and are a fun way to experiment and get you out of your comfort zone. These Gruyere Tater Tots with chives and prosciutto are “do the dishes and take a nap” food...
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