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Pick 6 with Brophy College Prep’s Benjamin Morrison

Benjamin Morrison – Brophy Prep, Photo Credit: Benjamin Morrison

“No pressure, all motivation.” Benjamin Morrison proved he belonged on Varsity as a key fixture on the Brophy College Prep defense as a sophomore. Morrison had 42 tackles, two interceptions, and seven pass breakups. His excellent play earned him 12 division one scholarships from universities such as “DBU” Louisiana State, The University of Michigan, and from his hometown, The University of Washington.

From the Beginning

The Morrison family, which includes Faith, Samuel, Grace, Naomi, and Benjamin, moved to Arizona from Seattle when their father, Pastor Darryl Morrison, answered God’s calling and started a church called “Valley Gate Church.

Darryl Morrison is no rookie to the gridiron himself. Morrison was a star on the “Desert Swarm” defense at the University of Arizona, where he played safety for the wildcats. Darryl spent three years in the NFL with the Washington Football Club formerly known as the Washington Redskins.

When I spoke with Benjamin about how instrumental a role his father has played to the development of his skill, he said, “my dad sat me and taught me how to look at formations and eliminate routes off of alignment. It’s cool. It makes our relationship kind of grow; it’s a bonding moment between father and son.”

Here & Now

The season hasn’t started how Benjamin and Brophy College Prep would have anticipated. With an overall record of 0-3 leading into their first section match up. I asked the rising Junior what needed to be done to turn this season around. “I think there is no pressure, I feel like we start games slow, and we pick it up based on the opponent we’re playing. If we play the defense, we know we can truly be. I feel like we’ll be unstoppable as a young defense.”

According to rivals.com, the 3-star recruit emulates his game after some of the best in the business today. “I’ve been watching a lot of Byron Murphy & Patrick Peterson. Since I’ve moved here, I always respected him and wanted to play like him. I wore 21 when I first got here.” With plenty of Varsity experience under his belt, you can expect some huge plays under the lights this Friday from the 6- foot -0 172 pound cornerback.

We wrapped up the interview with a game of PICK 6. It’s similar to the game called “This or That” where the individual gets six questions and they pick their preference of the two options.

Benjamin’s Pick 6:

  1. Pick 6 or Go route for 90= Pick 6
  2. Lo-Lo’s Chicken & waffles or Waffle House= Waffle House
  3. Breakfast or Dinner= Dinner
  4. Madden or 2k= Madden
  5. PlayStation or Xbox= PlayStation
  6. 100 Meter or 200 Meter= 200

For the time being, you can catch Benjamin Morrison wreaking havoc on opposing offenses.  This week catch Benjamin up close on YurView’s GameTime as Brophy College Prep takes on the Chaparral Firebirds Friday, October 23rd at 7p.m.  YurView is on Cox Channel 4 in Phoenix and Channel 7 in Tucson.