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PICK 6 “Under the Radar/Uncertainty”

Malaki Ta’ase, Photo Credit: Joanna Finkenkeller

Due to the ongoing pandemic, high school football spectators and athletes, found a greater appreciation for the sport.  Now more than ever, the saying, “Play as if it’s your last,” resonates a little more to some than it does to others. “It sucked. Uncertainty is never a good feeling; it was good to have a season finally.  Even then, week to week is not certain.  It makes you work harder and pay attention a little bit more,” says Mountain View Defensive End Malaki Ta’ase

Malaki Ta’ase is no stranger to the bright lights that shine on Fridays. “Getting to play on varsity freshman year was an opportunity to get to know the speed of the game and then getting the technique.” Starting his freshman year, Ta’ase has accumulated 152 total tackles, 62 solos, 21 sacks, and one fumble recovery in just three seasons.

The steps to being such a force on the defensive line Ta’ase pays homage to be a dual-sport athlete. “Half of the reason I do basketball is because of football. Basketball is a lot of footwork, and you can apply it to football. I’m more of a dive on the floor, scrappy basketball player.”

Being such a dominant presence on the Toros defensive line, you would think the recruiting process has gone in Ta’ase favor.  However, according to Ta’ase, “It’s a little slow, but now I’m focusing on putting the work in to get those offers.” Ta’ase has become one of the most dominant linemen in the state of Arizona. The 6 – foot,2 240 pound junior has recorded 50 tackles on 13 sacks in just seven games.

Malaki Ta’ase, Photo Credit: Joanna Finkenkeller

While he strives to better himself, he focuses on the task at hand, which is Toro’s next opponent, Corona Del Sol. Del Sol comes into Friday’s matchup with a spotless record of (7-0). The Toros are looking to clinch a playoff, seeding with a victory. Although these two teams are familiar with one another, as the Toros came up short against Del Sol last season, Ta’ase suggests it is something you keep it in the back of your head.”

With Malaki responsible for so many stats in his career, a PICK 6 has not shown up. So, what’s the best way to get him familiar with the concept? Look below.

Malaki’s Pick 6:

  1. Khalil Mack or Aaron Donald = Khalil Mack
  2. Snap Chat or Twitter = Twitter
  3. Sneakers or Sandals= Sandals
  4. Passenger seat or Back seat = Passenger seat
  5. Pancakes or Waffles = Waffles
  6. Bench press or Squats = Squats

To see more of Malaki and the Mountain View Toros, be sure to check them out this Friday, November 20th at 7p.m. as they take on the Corona Del Sol Aztecs. Yurview Gametime is on Channel 4 in Phoenix and Channel 7 in Tucson.