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Fresh and Local are the Secret Ingredients to Simple Eats Tasty Menu

simple eats

On this segment of Destination Virginia, Karen gets the pleasure of talking with Sandy Schmidtmann, Owner of Simple Eats. Sandy takes responsibility for the menu but adds “by listening to my customers and employees, we kinda all go together and make it work.”

Working with local farmers, the menu changes seasonally, save for the staple items the regulars enjoy to the point of making them a necessity. From sausage to grits to shrimp and crabmeat, Sandy educates the customers on how they can go and purchase these items that are locally sourced.

Check out the “Best Burger in Town” which uses a cronut as the bun and all natural grass fed beef from Carolina adds the flavor that Sandy says is a best seller that she “had to bring it on for the men.” Visit the website at www.simpleeatsvb.com