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Cox Business Honors Southern Nevada’s Unsung Tech Heroes

Technology is so tightly woven into our lives that it’s easy to forget that people—very smart people—are behind creating it, improving it and maintaining it. (Thanks IT departments everywhere!) This is why Cox Business honors the tech community in Southern Nevada with the Top Tech Exec Awards. This year will mark the 7th year for the event in Las Vegas.

“We’re a technology company, so we really want to pay tribute to the work the people do in this community because so often, it goes unnoticed,” said Shari Mesch, Senior Marketing Manager, Cox Business.

Seriously, how would we get through the day without these tech geniuses? From our coffee pots to our cars, technology has made our lives easier from the time our smart phones wake us up until the time our smart beds put us to sleep. It’s even helped people find true love or rescue a pet. Speaking for myself, I have no sense of direction, so GPS prevents me from wondering aimlessly around the city.

“The goal of this event is to recognize those who help make their companies more efficient with technology,” said Mesch. “They are the silent heroes.”

The Information Technology executives are nominated by peers and clients in these categories: private business, public business, non-profit, education, government, health care, and hotel and gaming. There’s also a Lifetime Achievement Award and a Community Exemplary Award given every year. All tech executives work in Southern Nevada and are selected by an independent panel of judges. All winners are chosen based on examples of how much their work has impacted the community and their companies.

The Las Vegas Top Tech Exec Awards is sponsored by Cox Business. Vegas, Inc the media partner. The awards will be held on November 16 at the Smith Center of the Performing Arts.

“The award show is free to the public,” Mesch said. “We want guests to be in attendance, to help us recognize the key players in our local technology industry and see how much Cox Business values our community.”