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Highlights: Pinnacle at Centennial

After a hard fought game with many great plays made, Centennial High School pulls out a big win against Pinnacle, 23-20.

The Coyotes of Centennial had a very strong first quarter. Zidane Thomas started off his outstanding game with an early touch down. Xavier Rojas would then kick and score three times before Pinnacle saw their end zone. But Spencer Rattler of the Pioneers was not letting up. He found teammate Hayden Hatten near the line and whipped the ball his way before the half. With a score of 13-10 Coyotes at half, Pioneer Captain Rattler readied his team for a better second half. Pinnacle took an early lead in the second half but was put back down shortly after by the home team. The game became a Kicker’s Night as Jacob Veach and Rojas were heavily relied on for both squads. Pinnacle would come up just short at the very last second as Centennial had one last look at the uprights.