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Dash to the Desert – 2017 College Dunk and 3-Point Contests

DeWayne Russell Grand Canyon University

With Phoenix playing host to the 2017 Final Four, Grand Canyon University got a chance to host one of the most fun traditions in college basketball – the dunk contest and three-point competitions.

GCU delivered, with its student section as rowdy and into it as a late February conference game. It didn’t hurt that Antelopes’ Senior DeWayne Russell scorched the net by putting up 22 points in the semifinal round, much to the delight of the Havocs and his coach Dan Majerle. Even when Russell was finally beaten by Peter Jok, on Jok’s birthday no less, the Havocs continued having fun, serenading the winner with Happy Birthday as he stod at center court.

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The women also put on a three-point clinic, which was ultimately won by Kansas State’s Kindred Wesemann. She put up a ridiculous 26 point effort in the semifinals on her way to the title.

The dunk contest kept the crowd into it with amazing displays of athleticism by the likes of A.J. Merriweather from East Tennessee and Rodney Pryor, the winner, from Georgetown.

Vin Parise and Scott Williams recapped a truly great night at Grand Canyon University on the final episode of Dash to the Desert.