Inclusion Short Films

Joey Travolta and Inclusion Films Workshop - Revelationvideo

Revelation: What Does it Take to Turn a Bully into a Hero?

“Revelation” When a small town high school bully finds himself in a life and death situation he is given a second chance by an...
Detentionaries: Inclusion Films Workshop and Joey Travoltavideo

Detentionaries: Five Unlikely Friends Bond Together to Save Arts Program

“Detentionaries” Five unlikely friends bond together to rid their school of its greedy principle and save their arts program. Created by the students of...
Joey Travolta and Inclusion Short Films

Young Filmmakers with Disabilities Debut Short Film Series on Cox Communications

There’s no business like show business. It’s exciting and glamorous—and it’s tough. Aspiring filmmakers find themselves constantly fighting an uphill battle to get noticed....

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