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It’s Never Too Late to Make Your New Year, New You Resolution

New year, new you! That is something almost every one of us says at the beginning of each new year. But now, it’s months later and it’s time to take inventory on just how far we’ve come. Whether you’re a health nut rock star or haven’t quite fully committed yet, just know that it is never too late to make your new year, new you resolution.

Eating What’s Right for You

Finding the right foods to fuel your body in a way that is good for you, and tasty too, is oh so important. That is why cooking up the perfect recipe is key. To help with heart healthy habits, Sam the Cooking Guy knows how to do it right and shows us how to keep committed while showing off his culinary skills by preparing an easy and elegant Halibut with white wine sauce.

A heart healthy fish dish is not only great tasting but is also a great way to get the essential nutrients that our hearts, brains, and bodies need. Spinach is also a great way to eat healthy. Just ask Karen Endsley with Cooking from the Heart who explains how spinach burgers are fun to make and good for your healthy lifestyle quest because they are loaded with iron and lots of fiber.

So, now that we’ve got our grub on, time to get our exercise routine on point.

Work it Out

Working out comes in all shapes and sizes which is why it’s important to choose a workout routine that works best for you. Orange Theory Fitness and Planet Fitness are two different types of health clubs that are tailored to train individual types of clientele.

With over a thousand fitness centers across the country and monthly memberships as low as $10, Planet Fitness prides itself on being a gym for beginning workout warriors and the perfect place to workout in a “Judgment Free Zone.”

Orange Theory Fitness is designed for the more advanced fitness enthusiast who is looking for intense interval training and is not afraid to get their sweat on.

And for those of us who can’t get to Planet Fitness or Orange Theory on a regular basis, no need to worry, because Ryan Buch with FieldFit Gym shows us how to use our couches for more than just sipping morning coffee or watching workout videos on TV.

As we know, working out and eating right are essential to living a healthy life because both things combined help to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. But sometimes it’s the motivation that is missing which is where Weight Watchers steps in.

Holistic Medicine for a Holistic You

Now that we’ve covered eating right, working out, and motivation, it’s time to look at ourselves from the inside out.

Dr. Berni Massari is a Ph.D. in holistic medicine and she believes in integrative health patient care. Dr. Massari says that “homeopathy will make you well real fast.” In her practice, she does not use herbs and vitamins but rather uses medicine without toxins which she says is a “mind medicine and an energy medicine.” Dr. Massari also promotes anti-aging treatments using micro-currents.

Now, let’s Begin

A good anti-aging skin care routine intertwined with a good balance of clean eating and stimulating exercise will not only help you to look and feel fabulous, but will also help you to lead a long fitness-filled balanced life. After all, isn’t that what most people are looking for? So, strap on your running or walking shoes, head to the produce section of your local grocery store, and get your new year, new you started. Remember, it’s never too late!