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How Doctors Determine Staging for Colon Cancer

By John M. Sayles, MD Colorectal Surgeon Sentara Cancer Network When patients are diagnosed with colon cancer, the extent of their cancer will be determined by staging, a system which identifies the size of a tumor and whether it has spread beyond the primary site. Staging is helpful to guide treatment and predict outcomes of that treatment. Exact...
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Is Colorectal Cancer Increasing in Young Adults?

By Dr. William Rudolph Colorectal Surgeon Sentara Surgery Specialists Several years ago, I began noticing many of the patients who came to me to be treated for rectal cancer were quite young. A review of the literature at that point suggested a definite trend toward rectal cancer in younger patients. Other studies also suggested a higher rate of...
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5 Symptoms That Can Signal Colon Cancer

By Gregory FitzHarris, M.D. Colorectal Surgeon Sentara Cancer Network A colonoscopy is one procedure many patients may be tempted to skip, usually due to the preparation required. However, this screening can prevent colon cancer. Early detection is also critical to stop colon cancer before it becomes difficult to treat. If polyps on the inner lining of the colon...
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What to Expect After a Colon Cancer Diagnosis

By John M. Sayles, MD Colorectal Surgeon Sentara Cancer Network Receiving news of a cancer diagnosis can be a shock to patients. Dozens of questions pop into their minds as they try to grasp what will happen next. Colon cancer, also known as colorectal cancer, is the third most common cancer type for men and women in the United...