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Can These Cinderellas Keep Dancing?

Unless you're gifted with clairvoyance, the first weekend of the NCAA tournament no doubt busted your bracket in near-unprecedented fashion—the average remaining seed is 5.3, which is the fourth-highest in history and the highest since 2000 (when it was also 5.3). The good news? There are plenty of Cinderellas to root for in this Sweet Sixteen. But...
bracket busting history

The Greatest Bracket Busters in NCAA Tournament History

It's a given: Every year, you spend time carefully filling out your NCAA tournament bracket, and every year, some low seed nobody saw coming winds up busting your chances before the first weekend even begins. We don't know who it might be this year (keep a close eye on Bucknell), but here are five...
Mabee Babies Sculpture

The Mabee Babies

The kids always want to talk football with Rocky Bright. They want to see the national championship ring he won as a defensive lineman at the University of Oklahoma in 2000, and they want to hear first-hand lore about that team. But Bright, as the chair of the advisory board of the Salvation Army North...