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Who to Watch for in Nebraska’s High School Football Playoffs

The 2019 high school football season in Nebraska’s Class A has been wild. Eight teams finished the season 7-2 or better. The two undefeated teams — Millard West and Bellevue West— have won all of their games by at least 10 points. The playoffs in 2019 should be equally as entertaining as the regular season, with several high-powered potential match-ups throughout the proceedings.
Isaiah Harris Millard South

Running Down the Dream: Millard South’s Isaiah Harris is Staying Patient

The list of attributes that define the ideal running back are well known — speed, power, vision, and patience all make the list. Watch any of Isaiah Harris’s highlights, and you’ll see everything you need.
Teddy Prochazka University of Nebraska Commit Elkhorn South

Teddy Prochazka’s Big Commitment

Big guys are common in football games. It’s almost a prerequisite, especially for offensive linemen in today’s game, to be among the largest human beings walking the Earth. Football players are big. But “big” probably doesn’t do justice to Teddy Prochazka, junior offensive tackle for Elkhorn South High school. “I think that his height is what...

Dedication And Tons of Steak Have Will Swanson Ascending

There’s one word that can be ascribed to virtually every successful athlete: dedication. The hours spent honing the craft, conditioning muscles, fueling the body, studying opponents and schemes all require a special level of commitment above and beyond mere athletic gifts. The great ones all have dedication in spades. Will Swanson isn’t an all-time great. That statement,...

Ivy League Attention Has Mason Armstead Looking East

It was a warm night in late August of 2017. Cox had just launched the YurView platform nationwide. In Omaha, to kick off the live high school football broadcasts, the crew chose a heated Metro rivalry: Creighton Prep versus Omaha Westside. It turned out to be an instant classic. The game was a big-play festival,...
Abe Roskins Omaha Central High School

Abe Hoskins: A Rare Two-Way Talent

It’s 10:00 am on a September Saturday morning. At Omaha Central High School, the junior varsity football team is taking the field to play a game against Millard North. On the sideline, there’s a tall, lithe figure. He walks up and down the sideline, offering encouragement, handing out water, doing whatever he can to...
TJ Urban Millard South football

TJ Urban is Driven to Fulfill His Potential

In physics, potential refers to energy held by an object due to its position relative to other objects, internal stress, or it’s electric charge. In football, potential isn’t much different. A player’s potential is often defined, not by how good a player is right now, but by how good he might be in the future....
Avante Dickerson Omaha Westside

Avante Dickerson: Flying High and Staying Grounded

If you haven’t heard the name Avante Dickerson by now, I’m afraid you haven’t been paying attention. Here’s what you need to know about Westside High School’s rising star. Dickerson is fast. He’s 4.37 seconds in the 40-yard dash fast. He’s, “Don’t blink because you’ll miss something,” fast. He’s long and rangy. He’s the guy...
Ben Weindel Millard North

Uncommon Poise Put Ben Weindel Ahead of the Herd

Confidence is a funny thing. For some, small misfortunes can shake the foundations of confidence to a breaking point. Yet, for others, in spite of undeniable disadvantages and obstacles, confidence in self remains steadfast. When a person of the latter persuasion is just 14 years old, the result is all the more incredible. Enter Millard...
Sophie Johnston

Australian Sophie Johnston Lands in Omaha

It's a long way from Gold Coast, Australia, to Omaha, Nebraska. It takes about 26 hours by plane to traverse the nearly 8,500 miles between the two cities. It's a journey that Sophie Johnston, a freshman guard for the University of Nebraska Omaha women's basketball team, made last year. She'd never been to America, let...