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HonorHealth Hosts a Community Event for a Lesson in Heart Health

Every 40 seconds someone in the United States has a heart attack. The doctors at HonorHealth are pioneers in the field of heart technology and we talk to their experts about the new advancements and a community event to learn about heart health. HonorHealth.com  
HonorHealth colonoscopy

What to Expect When Getting a Potentially Lifesaving Colonoscopy

The experts at HonorHealth walk us through what to expect when getting an important colonoscopy on this segment of Your Health.
HonorHealth colon cancer screenings

Why Colon Cancer Screenings are So Important for Your Health

Which colon cancer screening is best for me? You've decided to get screened for colorectal cancer. Good for you! Now, you and your doctor need to decide which screening method is right for you, considering your age, and your medical and family history. You and your doctor may talk about the type of preparation that is necessary...
Honor Health community event

Talk to Top Heart Doctors in the U.S. at Honor Health Event

We discuss the free community event being held by Honor Health that will allow you to ask questions to the top doctors in the country about heart disease and treatments.
Your Health HonorHealth

World’s Best Heart Doctors Educate the Community at HonorHealth Event

HonorHealth has a unique opportunity to learn from the world’s best heart doctors in this community event. You can register at honorhealth.com/sif2018.
HonorHealth heart health

Free HonorHealth Event Provides Lifesaving Info about Heart Health

By Shana Fischer Every 40 seconds in the United States, someone has a heart attack. Knowing your risk factors and how to live a heart-healthy life can help ensure you don't become a statistic. Knowledge is power and it's the catalyst behind a free educational event for the community led by nationally-recognized Scottsdale Interventional cardiologist, Dr....