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Jack Ciunci Followed His “Lessons To Live By” To A 2nd State Tennis Championship

The pressure was extraordinary. The defending state champ not only entered the tournament unbeaten, Ciunci hadn’t lost a set all season.
Alyssa Twomey

Alyssa Twomey Is Ready For That Pilgrim State Championship

Alyssa is now a senior captain and a key reason the first place Patriots are the only unbeaten team in Division I.
Cam Seaver

A United Tolman And Shea Team Saves Pawtucket High School Baseball

How could intra city rivals - Shea and Tolman - possibly merge to form one, cohesive high school baseball team?. Surely the new Pawtucket team - a first for the city since 1940 - must be filled with bad blood, tension, attitudes and animosity.
Bill and Will Brew

New NK Baseball Coach Bill Brew Has His Own Approach

Bill Brew, the former NK assistant, has stepped into a new role around the diamond - his first as a head high school coach.
CeCe Baptista

CeCe Baptista Credits Central Falls For Shaping Her.

Growing up in Central Falls CeCe Baptista couldn’t escape the negativity that echoed louder than the balls bouncing on the asphalt playgrounds in Rhode Island’s most underserved city..
Brooke Anderson

Brooke Anderson’s State Title Caps Years Of Hard Work And Setbacks

She turned in the best all around score of the day - 37.375 and reached a goal that had eluded her. She was crowned the state all around champ.
Alexa Hanrahan

Alexa Hanrahan’s Tenacity Leads Her To Team Captain

“She told me right away, “I’m not the best player. I am not going to start or even be your sixth or seventh player, but I can play a role and I accept my role,” said Coach Bob Simeone.
Genesis McNeill

After Multiple Challenges, Genesis McNeill Is On Home Court At Juanita Sanchez

“I had many challenges…many,” she said. “It (her upbringing) wasn’t rough. It was just hard for me to go through certain stuff I did at a young age.”
Quiana Pezza

Quiana Pezza’s True Passion Is Giving Back

Quiana Pezza said her desire to help others stems back from that day she was cut from the middle school team.
James Sorrentine

Shea Basketball Is Ready For Some Sorrentine Family Magic

James spent nearly half of his life in the old Saints gym. It was in that Pawtucket gym that James learned the game from his father and watched his older brother and many others develop and achieve success.